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Southborough Wood Fence

Whenever anyone says residential fences, a clean, classic wooden fence quaintly surrounding a lovely family home is often the first image that comes to mind. Wood fences are among the most popular choices for Southborough homes. They offer an aesthetic way to enclose your property, to keep your home secure from unwelcome elements, and to give your family privacy. Beautifully crafted high-quality wood fences can also actually increase your property’s value by adding to its curb appeal.

wood privacy fence with scalloped top

Colonial Fence has been a premier wood fence contractor and installation company in Southborough, MA since the 1970s and we’ve always been in the business of building superior wood fences for homes and businesses in the area. We’ve been in the fence industry long enough to know that not all wood fence products are the same. A lot of wood fences have issues with durability as they can be susceptible to damage caused by insects, moisture, harsh weather conditions, heat, and humidity. Here at Colonial Fence, we make sure that your fences last longer than you need them to by using high-quality cedar, careful installation, and other necessary precautions

We are passionate about giving our fence clients only the best wood fencing possible. We don’t settle with giving them fences that look nice, we make sure that the fencing system we deliver best suits your property and your fencing needs.

Whether you need a privacy fence, rail fence, or picket fence, we can design, fabricate, assemble, and install that for you. Colonial Fence looks forward to providing the wood fence of your dreams for a reasonable price.

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Wood Fencing Options

custom wood privacy screenBefore becoming the established Southborough fencing supplier, contractor, and installer that it is now, Colonial Fence started out as a wood fence provider in the 1970s.

Wood fencing has always been our strong suit and we are proud of the quality that we deliver. Every property’s wood fencing needs are unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to wood fencing; and this is exactly why we strive to give our fence clients as many options as possible.

Solid Board Privacy Fences

dog ear privacy wood fence

If your main reason for having a new fence installed is to keep unwelcome company, attention, and noise out, as well as keep your family and pets safely in, then a wood privacy fence may be the perfect option for you. Wood privacy fences are perfect for Southborough residents who prioritize security, privacy, and peace in their homes. They typically stand six to eight feet tall, and they keep outsiders’ view of your property to a minimum.

At Colonial Fence, we offer a variety of customizations that you can go for when ordering your own wood privacy fence. We work with you to create custom, attractive privacy fencing that perfectly suits your needs and property.

Picket Fences

wood picket fence, gate, and pergola

Picket fences are short wood fences with evenly spaced pickets and a quaint, classic appeal. They are popularly associated with the “American Dream” and are quite an aesthetic accent to any Southborough home.

Because they typically measure only three or four feet high, they don’t exactly give your property a lot of privacy or security. If you are focused more on aesthetics, then a picket fence will definitely add a lot of value, personality, and curb appeal to your home.

Our most popular picket fence option is the open-spaced picket fence. With clean lines and modernly simple designs, wooden picket fences by Colonial Fence are a beautiful addition to your property.

Post-And-Rail Fences

custom wood post and rail livestock fence

If you own a large tract of land and you’re looking to clearly mark your boundaries around it with a wood fence, post-and-rail fences can be the ideal solution for you. They are also the main choice for protecting and corraling livestock. Simple, cost-effective, and functional, a post-and-rail fence can be effectively used in homes, yards, farms, industrial properties, parks, and enclosures without being an obstruction to your view.

For Southborough, MA residents who want a post-and-rail fence but want to ensure the safety of their pets and animals in the property, Colonial Fence can include wire mesh that’s welded onto your fencing system. We also customize your fence according to your needs. Whether it’s adjusting your fence height, changing the distance between each post, or switching to a different stain, we are here for you. Give your property that calm, rustic feel with post-and-rail fences by Colonial Fence.

Custom Wood Fences

Despite having a vast selection of wood fence options, Colonial Fence understands that not all fencing needs can be met by predesigned, prefabricated fence systems. This is exactly why we have spent years perfecting the craft of custom wood fences for Southborough homes.

wood picket fence to privacy fence transition

We make sure that the fence you get is the fence you want and the fence that best fits your needs, preferences, location, property aesthetics, timeline, and budget. We not only deliver custom designs, styles, and colors, we also ensure that the materials we use are a perfect fit for the fence that you need.

Many Southborough home and business-owners dream of having a beautiful wooden fence, but worry if they’ll be able to stand against the precipitation and humidity. Having been a home-grown business, Colonial Fence totally understands this! It’s exactly why we offer cellular vinyl as an alternative material to wood.

Cellular vinyl, simply put, is like a pressed PVC board that Colonial Fence produces in-house. It is weather-resistant and contains no wood fibers, hence it is not susceptible to damage caused by moisture, rot, insects, sun, heat, warping, scratches, ultra-violet rays, etc. Cellular vinyl is easily cut, painted, and assembled, and can be manipulated in more or less the same degree as wood.

If you’re looking for a fence with the appeal of wood but the durability of vinyl, then cellular vinyl by Colonial Fence may be it for you!

Full-Service Wood Fence Company

We’ve been in the wood fencing business for decades now and we can tell you that coming up with excellent quality wood fence is no easy feat. It takes a lot coordination and communicated between your team and ours, and this is exactly why in the Colonial Fence fence-making process, working closely with you is key.

custom wood privacy screen

Our process begins with a conversation with our team of fence experts. We can either have this in our showrooms or at your property. We talk about your fencing needs, objectives,personal taste, location, timeline, and budget. We then analyze these details, and provide you with a list of available wood fence options, elements, and accessories that you can check out and choose from.

Once you’ve made your choice, our team of fence fabricators can then get to work and craft the high-quality wooden fence that you deserve. We use this part of the process to assist you with permits, authorizations, and requirements for your fence. Colonial Fence has been in the Southborough fencing industry for a long time, so our knowledge and experience with local and state fencing laws and guidelines would definitely be a huge help for you.

When your fence is all good to go, our team of professioanl fence installers then heads over to your property to get the final details of your wood fence reviewed, approved, and finally installed.

Colonial Fence is passionate about delivering only the best wood fencing solutions as well as the best start-to finish service to businesses and homes here in Southborough. We look forward to delivering all this to you too!

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

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An expertly crafted and professionally installed wood fencing system can work wonders for your property’s curb appeal and overall value. Along with their rustic, homey charm, they offer security, safety, privacy, and peace. Here at Colonial Fence, we make sure that you get all those and that they last you a long, long time, too.

We are not only proud of the quality of our products, we are also proud of the start-to-finish service we give each customer. From consultation, design, selection of materials, fabrication, and installation, Colonial Fence is here for you. We’re excited to give you the wood fence of your dreams.

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