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Franklin Wholesale Fencing

Whether you are a professional fencing contractor, developer or homeowner, getting a great source for fencing materieals at a reasonal price is a top priority. No matter what type of fencing you are looking for from chain link to security fencing, Colonial Fence is a great choice for all your wholesale fencing and fence accessories.

solid cellular vinyl fencingWe are a Franklin, MA wholesale fencing company with over 50 years of experience in being a custom fabricator and supplier of high-quality fencing products. We supply all kinds of materials needed for your fencing projects for both simple and complex constructions. Included in our products are vinyl fences, wood fences, cellular vinyl fences, aluminum fences, and chainlink fences. We even offer a wide selection of outdoor home and garden accessories.

As a veteran- and family-owned wholesale fencing company, we are dedicated to giving you durable and attractive fencing materials that are available at reasonable rates. And since it’s our goal to be a reliable partner for any of your fencing constructions, we also offer a flexible payment option. You can learn more about our financial arrangements by giving us a call today.

From fencing companies and fencing contractors to simple DIY homeowners, we are ready to deliver high-quality wholesale fence products that perfectly fit your budget and construction vision. Contact us and we’ll attend to your needs right away!

Call Colonial Fence at (508) 507-2833 for a Free Consultation with a Wholesale Fencing Specialist!

High Quality Wholesale Fencing

A good fence can improve a residential or commercial property in several aspects: security, privacy, aesthetics, and clear boundaries.

cellular vinyl privacy fence and gates

As a fencing company or fencing contractor, you want to provide your clients with materials that will be as durable as they are pleasing to the eyes. Fortunately, that’s exactly what we offer with our Franklin wholesale fencing service.

The following are some of the high-quality fences and fencing materials you can get from Colonial Fence at guaranteed reasonable prices:

Wholesale Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are popular among homeowners and even commercial property owners. They’re made with a low-maintenance and durable material, making them a top choice for a lot of people since it means that their fences would last for a long time with little necessary cleaning and no required repainting or restaining. The surface won’t also scratch easily and cleaning it could be as easy as spraying it with water since vinyl fences are non-porous as well.

Even better, vinyl fencing comes with a lot of attractive and functional design options. Also, they’re easy to install and have a good product warranty. Discuss your needs with our vinyl fencing experts today and discover all our available cost-effective fencing materials!

Wholesale Wood Fences

Franklin Wholesale Fencing woodprivacy wood privacy 04 large 300x225For people who want a long-lasting fence that adds considerable value to and improves the curb appeal of their homes, wooden fencing will be a wise investment. There are several types of wood for fencing that you can use—including redwood, cedar, and spruce—depending on the type of environment where you’ll install the fence. Wood fences are also available in different styles and look. You can apply these to the different uses of your wooden fence: perimeter enclosure, garden fence, deck enclosure, and other landscaping structures.

Additionally, wood is a renewable resource which makes it environmentally friendly to use for your fencing projects. It’s a long-term sustainable option that will give you a more durable, charming set of fences—making it a more cost-effective and worthwhile investment in the long run.

Wholesale Cellular Vinyl Fences

arbor and pergola fence installationCellular vinyl fences are low-maintenance structures that can assume the look and feel of natural cedar. However, these fences do not rot or decay and are resistant to warping, shrinking, flaking, bowing, twisting, and peeling which are otherwise known issues in wooden fences. All of these will give you a durable and attractive fence without the cost and effort required in maintaining natural wood fences.

At Colonial Fence, we always manufacture our solid cellular vinyl fences with the same quality as our wood fencing materials. They are also available pre-stained at our one-stop shop or painted with a color that matches your provided swatch sample.

Wholesale Aluminum Fences

Franklin Wholesale Fencing picket rail metal aluminum fence installation 300x200Aluminum fences are for property owners who don’t want to sacrifice durability and function for style. And at Colonial Fence, we make sure that your aluminum fencing materials are not only crafted with high quality but are also available in a wide selection of colors and styles to match the different home exteriors. Aluminum fences are also environmentally friendly as they require lesser energy to make than other fence materials. Not to mention that most aluminum fence products are already made from recycled aluminum in the first place.

Additionally, this type of fence is ideal for property owners who want savings in both the purchase and maintenance costs of their fences. They are cheaper to buy than other materials, such as steel and wrought iron. They also won’t need to be repaired or replaced as much as wooden fences. And when it comes to cleaning, a simple hosing down once a month is enough and it won’t be necessary to hire professional cleaners anymore.

Wholesale Chainlink Fences

Franklin Wholesale Fencing chain link coated metal tall 300x200For clients who are looking for a more budget-friendly fencing solution, chainlink fences are what we offer. Although they are not the most attractive among our available fencing options, they are proven to be versatile, low-maintenance, and easier on the pocket compared to other fencing styles or structures. However, this type of fence is more suitable as an indicator of your property lines and less for actually providing security, even with barbed wires added on the top.

Maintaining chainlink fences will only require water and dish soap. Colonial Fence even fabricates them with an additional protective coating so your fence will be well-protected from the elements. This will them invulnerable to rust, aside from being already resistant to rotting, warping, and insect damage. Our chainlink fences are available in different materials: vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, and zinc-coated or galvanized fences.

Home & Garden Accessories

As a one-stop shop, Colonial Fence also provides garden products and landscape accents in addition to wholesale fencing materials and accessories.
custom fencing, gate, and arbor

You can visit our showroom to browse through all our available high-quality sample products. You can find a wide array of different outdoor accessories, including but not limited to:

  • Lanterns
  • Mailboxes
  • Yard stakes
  • Statues and sculptures
  • Birdhouses
  • Outdoor fountains and birdbaths

Give us a call today and we’ll guide you through the rest of your product options. Our wholesale prices are distinctly cheaper but we also offer our products to DIY enthusiasts. Simply tell us what your budget is and we’ll find the most suitable materials to match it.

Flexible Financing Options

While there are other establishments that can provide you with wholesale fencing products too, only some will deliver the same high-quality, all-inclusive service as we do.

aluminum fence for pool area picket fence and gate

Included in our top-notch Franklin, MA wholesale fencing service is the availability of flexible financing options. Our goal is to help you get your fencing project done in the most efficient way possible, both in the quality of your materials and in matters of finances. So whether your dream project is harder to afford or there’s an urgent repair project you’re not financially prepared for, Colonial Fence can help you complete it nonetheless.

Together with Enhancify, a leading lending technology, we can now offer you with personalized payment option for our high-quality wholesale fencing products—all without having to take home equity. All you need to do is apply on our website, which would only take about a minute, before reviewing the offers and selecting which one is best for you. We will then finalize your application with a lender and provide your funding within 1-5 business days.

You may apply for $1000-$100,000 funding and enjoy an interest rate that can be as low as 0%, depending on your specific situation. Talk to us today and we can discuss your payment options as soon as possible.

Top Notch Franklin Wholesale Fencing Company

Since the 1970s, Colonial Fence has been the full-service wholesale fencing provider trusted by professional fencing contractors, installation companies, and individual property owners alike. Our fencing products are crafted to perfection, giving them a quality that’s superior to those of our competitors. More importantly, they can be tailored to your specific styles and cost requirements.

Franklin Wholesale Fencing AluminumGallery DSCN0597 300x225For every client that we have, we always ensure that their satisfaction is met with the quality of both our products and customer service. Our fencing materials along with our outdoor home accessories are created with finely detailed designs so you and your clients will have exactly what you’ve envisioned. You’re also free to visit our showroom and choose what you want from our wide array of sample products.

More importantly, we always deliver our products and complete our services quickly. We can meet even your tightest deadline and become your long-term, trusted fencing partner. Whether you’re a fencing company or a simple homeowner wanting to install your own fence, we can supply you with durable and attractive fencing materials without going beyond your budget.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Fence Company

From our customer service to our top quality products, we can assure you that everything we do at Colonial Fence will be geared toward meeting your specific fencing requirements, budget, and personal style preferences.

Feel free to browse our showroom to see all the different fencing and outdoor garden accessories that we offer. If you need something more customized, feel free to talk to us about your needs and we will work with you to find a solution.

We offer you the most suitable wholesale fencing options at reasonable prices.

Call Colonial Fence today at (508) 507-2833 for your Free Consultation with a Wholesale Fencing Specialist!