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Chartley Security Fencing

custom chain link fencing installationSecurity Fencing is a serious concern for Chartley, MA businesses, homeowners, schools, and all other forms of properties. At some point, some real estate companies provide complete property packages also include security fencing as part of the services that they offer. They understand that security is now a definite requirement to assure buyers that their issues on security are properly taken care of.

At Colonial Fence, security fencing projects are considered as serious and necessary. Through experience, we understand that your concerns are real and that they need to be responded to accordingly. This is the reason why we make it a serious concern for our company to provide you what you need. We make sure that the security fences we install are just right in providing you with the assurances that you need from us to give you that much-needed peace of mind.

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Here are some of the most common factors of security fencing that we at Colonial Fence are particularly competent in installing:

Chain link security fences or mesh fencing material

Chartley Security Fencing CHAINLINKFINALS IMG 0535 edit 300x225Many may think that chain links are easy to cut and may not be particularly best to be installed to establish strong security for properties requiring close attention. At the same time, many think that the whole makeup of a chain link offers an expert intruder a toehold. However, based on experience, chain link fences, and mesh fences are good enough to provide the security needed by any property.

The addition of a curved top and adding barbed wire along with it, as well adding hot wire into the system- are all part of the many additional features that could be included to make chain links and wire meshes more effective in providing the security needed by properties. These systems are usually used in mining fields and community pools. Areas that do not need complete overhead protection such as added roofs and such often benefit well from the use of chain link or wire mesh security fences.

Other additional features of chain link types of security fencing include garrison fencing systems. This includes tubular steel posts that are attached to horizontal steel rails. The height of the system could be decided upon depending on the requirement of the property owner or according to the demands and legal requirements of the local government- depending on the zone where the property is located. More often than not, this type of fencing is used in commercial properties, schools, government properties, and athletic fields.

Palisade Security Fences

This type of fencing is likely the same as that of a garrison fence. However, at the top of the setup, there are razor wires that can be added with electric wires to increase the security capacity of the fence. The base of a palisade security fence is required to be made of concrete. The rails of a palisade security fence are usually added with anti-tamper fixings making its post more durable and harder to break into.

When there is a gate added into the full fencing system, it can be assumed that the connection within the gate would be the weakest point of the whole security fencing. This is the reason why the addition of automated operation into the system is considered efficient enough to make the whole gated fencing more competently functional.

Adding Videos in Security Systems

Chartley Security Fencing woodprivacy wood privacy 04 large 300x225When adding security videos in the fences, there are certain issues to consider. One is the placing of the video- where should it be located? Would it be safe from weather changes and climate adjustments? All these questions ought to be answered before anything could be decided upon. The addition of security videos into a security fencing setup requires more technical skills.

All the different types of security fencing options highlighted and discussed herein are specifically designed to provide the most practical ways of securing the properties of clients. The materials used and the general security features added into the overall fencing system is decided upon based on the location of the property, what the local rules are when it comes to building properties and installing fences around lands and structures in the area.

It is critical that before any decision is made, an agreement between the contractor and the owner of the property should be considered. Everything from the design to the budget and to the expected function of the security fence should be clarified before anything could be proposed to the client. This is where experience and competence in doing the job come in.

Our Chartley fence company can assure you of such experience and competence needed to help you assess your current condition and your need for a security fence to surround your property, your business, or your farm.
Definitely, in terms of improving the ways by which we can connect with you, we are willing to answer your questions as needed.

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Fence CompanyWe understand how important this decision is for you, especially since it does not come cheap to install fences around properties. Some of your concerns may include more than just the budget needed to support this particular installation. Perhaps you are concerned about the rules, the design, and the limitations of what could be added to your property’s system of security fencing. Perhaps you are concerned about what security features could be included in your fence and what might work well for the function that you are looking for in a security fence.

If you are in Chartley and you are aiming to have a security fence installed around your place, then you might as well give us a call. We have posted some of our work portfolios on our website to give you a bird’s eye view of what you could expect from us and what services we are ready to offer.

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