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wood fencing installationResidential properties need to be properly protected from outside intruders. This is especially true in areas where houses are required to have fences built around properties as part of the community’s general aesthetics. Private subdivisions often require their new residents who have recently bought properties in their land to build residential fences both for protection and aesthetic purposes.

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Basing on experience, Colonial Fence, here in Norton, MA, realized that there are at least five primary reasons why homeowners tend to ask for residential fences to be installed around their properties.

1. To Mark the Property’s Territory

Property ownership territories are seen to provide a huge distinction on how a property owner protects those that are his. While the relationship you may share with your neighbors is practically good, it may not always be like that in the long run, especially when it comes to overlapping constructions that go beyond property limits. This is probably the most common reason as to why homeowners would like to have fences constructed around their properties.

2. To Keep the Animals off from the Property

Whether you have a garden or not, keeping pesky animals off your property does not only create peace of mind, it also guards you against needing to avoid certain disturbances that the animals may cause. There are instances when animals go over and trash homes out, which causes a lot of stress and disturbances. With an excellent residential fence, you are sure to gain peace of mind from having to worry about animals coming in and out of your property at any time of the day.

3. To Prevent Thieves from Coming in

Norton Residential Fences stone facade privacy tall fence 300x200This is especially true when it comes to clients living in constrained communities. Thieves often attack homes at night or during the time of the day when they think no one is at home. Having to worry about this possibility all the time is certainly disturbing. Putting up fences have been noted to have brought about a sense of peace among homeowners.

4. To Protect Children

If you have an open backyard, you would surely want the children to go out and play. However, there is a distinct concern for their safety. This issue could diminish the supposed fun that the children would have as they play outside. This is why homeowners with children are usually the clients who ask for help regarding completing projects of building residential fences.

5. To Increase the Value of your Property

In future possibilities that you would decide to sell your property, a residential fence would surely increase the value of your home. Property security certainly increases the value of any property, especially in terms of defining its capacity to provide stronger protection not only to the property itself but for the ones residing in it.

If your decision to have a residential fence built around your property could be found in the list provided above, then you might also want to know the answer to some of these questions:

Where should residential fences be located?

When planning for a residential fence to be built, be sure that it is located within the exact boundaries of your property. Take note that if your house is beside a sidewalk, you are not supposed to take any space from the sidewalk- this is public property and is not a part of the land you own (no matter what the paper may show). It is essential that your fence is positioned properly and that it follows through the rules of your local community in terms of property constructions.

What materials could be used for residential fences?

Norton Residential Fences vinylcustom vinyl custom 09 large 300x225The most common materials used for residential fences include synthetic wood, chain link, natural wood, wrought iron, and plastic or vinyl. The choice of materials is often affected by the available budget and the capacity and willingness of the homeowners to maintain the fence itself.

Another factor that contributes to the decision of material choice among clients is the aesthetic value of the material. Deciding the design of the fence could affect not only the aesthetic value of the fence but also its capacity to provide intensive protection for the homeowner. Some fences are designed with aesthetic spikes that serve as increased value for security.

What design guidelines could be used in building a residential fence?

Residential fences are expected to be painted with palette colors. Colors that are too bright are not advisable to be used in fences as they may serve as a disturbance to pedestrians and cars passing by. At the same time, it is important to keep the fences safe for passers-by. Barbed wires are not advisable to be applied in residential fences as well.

What should be done to maintain an excellent residential fence? Consistently checking the fences for possible disturbed parts, especially for wooden fences, is critical in keeping the integrity of the whole fence. There are times when some parts of the fence need to be replaced- usually the posts, to keep the strength and sturdiness of the fence.

All these considerations in building a residential fence are crucial for you to know, especially when it comes to picking the right type and right design of the fence to be installed around your property to serve both as a protective structure and as aesthetic value to your home.

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If you have concerns about legalities and perhaps some local rules about how fences are supposed to be built around your property, we could offer you great advice based on our project experiences and the background we have in terms of legalities surrounding the project. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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