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Natick Privacy Fence

Safety and security for your home and property are two of the most popular reasons why Americans invest in fencing systems and why the fencing industry has grown 6.4% in the past five years. There’s no doubt that people find fences to be highly effective in keeping their children, pets, and valuables safely in their property while securely keeping unwelcome elements out.

custom vinyl privacy screen

If you are part of the large group of consumers whose priority when finding a fence for their property are safety and security, then privacy fence systems may be perfect for your home or business.

Colonial Fence has been a trusted fencing provider here in Natick since the 70s, and one of the things we specialize in is privacy fences made from superior materials and meticulous craftsmanship. We are passionate about giving homes and businesses the safety, privacy, and aesthetic appeal that they deserve by providing the high-quality fences, excellent customer support, and professional installation services.

short wood privacy fence with scalloped top edge

Our goal is to deliver the privacy fence that you need. If you already have a clear picture of the fence that you want for your property, that’s great. Our job is to create the fencing system of your dreams. However, if you’re not quite sure how to go about the entire process, that’s not a problem.

Our team of experienced fencing specialists are ready to answer your questions, give you honest feedback, show you available options, and provide you with professional recommendations so that you get a privacy fence that meets your needs, your deadline, and even your budget.

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Combining Form And Function

When people think about privacy fences, they usually just think about it’s about utility, economy, and security.

wood picket fence to privacy fence transition

Here at Colonial Fence, though, we want every privacy fence we deliver to be both effective and attractive.

We believe that every client deserves both form and function in their privacy fences and we use our decades’ worth of knowledge and experience to make all that come true for Natick residents.

Privacy fences by Colonial Fence can come in a wide variety of designs, materials, styles, and specifications, so figuring out which fencing best suits your needs might not be very easy.

Our team of fence experts here at Colonial Fence can definitely help you out with that but sharing with you the pros and cons we’ve learned over the years of working in the fencing industry.

Wood Privacy Fences

custom wood privacy screenWood privacy fences are a classic. Colonial Fence actually started as a wooden fence contractor and professional installer way back 1974, and over the years we have been able to perfect the art of creating sturdily built and beautifully crafted wooden privacy fences. The fences we deliver not only give you the security and privacy that you want, they also increase your property’s curb appeal and give your place a lovely homey feel. It’s important to remember, though, that wooden privacy fences would need a bit of time, work, and spending in maintenance because they can be susceptible to damage by insects, rot, moisture, and sun.

Vinyl Privacy Fences

traditional vinyl privacy screensVinyl or PVC privacy fences have become more and more popular over the years because of their convenience, strength, and look. Vinyl privacy fences are low-maintenance. You can just do a bit of hosing down every now and it will stay strong and attractive for a long time. Vinyl is also a very sturdy material. A vinyl fence can last you decades and you won’t even have to worry about cracking, splitting, blistering, insect damage, or rot.

Cellular Vinyl Privacy Fences

solid cellular vinyl fencing

If you’re looking for a privacy fence that’s a good mix of wood and vinyl, cellular vinyl’s got the best of both worlds! Cellular vinyl is a wood-alternative that we fabricate in-house here at Colonial Fence. Simply put, it’s like a pressed plastic board that’s got the look and feel of natural cedar materials but the durability of vinyl. Cellular vinyl by Colonial Fence can be handled and manipulated in more or less the same way that wood can but is not susceptible to insect, moisture, rot, sun, and heat damage.

The privacy fence experts at Colonial Fence help you choose the right fencing system for your needs, home, and property.

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Colonial Fence has been a provider of fine quality fence and outdoor garden products since the 1970s and after decades of catering to the fencing needs of Natick, MA residents, we’ve learned that high-quality products and excellent customer service are key to every business’s success. This is why, despite the massive growth our company has had over the years, we are still committed to our founding principle of building truly superior fences one customer at a time. That’s exactly what we want to deliver for you! We want to give you a truly superior fence that meets your needs, your personal taste, and your budget.

As a full-service fencing company, we want to be your one-stop fencing shop here in the Natick area. Whether you’re looking for handcrafted wood fences, custom-fabricated aluminum fences, vinyl fences, privacy fences, fencing accessories, or just fence installation services, we’re here for you!

If you’re looking to give your residential, commercial, or industrial property the best quality privacy fence for the best price, we’ve got an entire team of fence experts waiting to work on that for you. Just call us or drop by our main office and showroom in Norfolk, MA for an initial consultation free of charge!

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