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Enhance your curb appeal, keep pets and children safe, increase your privacy, and keep potential intruders at bay with a custom fence system by Colonial Fence!

custom cellular vinyl fencing with gate

Attractive fence systems are a massive benefit to any property owner. They can provide privacy, define property lines, and even increase the value of your home. Our high-quality, durable fencing is crafted from your choice of material, with a variety of fence types and styles to choose from.

We can even mix and match styles, such as adding lattice to the top of a privacy fence or provide custom colors and color matching to create a unique look that perfectly suits your individual property and style.

As a Needham fence company, we design fencing that is made to withstand our local weather conditions. We use treated wood, high-quality aluminum, vinyl and solid cellular vinyl, and can help you determine which is the right fit for your property, needs, and budget.

custom picket fenceWe custom design, produce, and install solid wood privacy fences, decorative aluminum picket fences, arbors, pergolas, post and rail fences, specialty vinyl fences, privacy screens, chain link fences, gates, mailbox posts, and all of the finishing touches and details that make your project special.

Colonial Fence has the ideal product to meet all of your MA residential and commercial fencing needs. Whether your goals are to keep kids and pets in, intruders and prying eyes out, or if you want to clearly define your specific property boundaries, our fence contractors deliver high-quality, attractive fence systems that exceed your expectations.

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Choosing the Perfect Fence For Your Needs

Colonial Fence enjoys the opportunity to craft the perfect fence to complement your property and meet your needs as a homeowner. Our fencing projects start with a visit to your property, where we will view your physical space, discuss your thoughts, look at samples and ideas, and work together to create the perfect fence system for both you and your home or business.

short wood privacy fence with scalloped top edge

We consider everything we have learned when designing and recommending appropriate fence materials and design. Generally, most fence designs fall under the broad categories of picket fences, privacy fences, and post and rail fences.

Picket fences are common for defining home property boundaries, and are often used in the front of a property for curb appeal. They can be used in conjunction with privacy fences, allowing you to highlight the front of your home, but still provide privacy to your back yard. Post and rail style fences are popular for livestock, and for defining the boundaries of larger areas.

custom cellular vinyl picket fenceWe work with the style of your home to create complementary fencing elements, and can even perform color matching to ensure your fence is cohesive with your property aesthetic. We also have the ability to custom craft fencing in unusual or unique styles from wood or cellular vinyl, providing a fencing system that suits your architecture, ground contours, and landscaping.

We not only provide a variety of materials; there are many different finishes and styles that can make your fence your own. From custom post caps to scalloped and dog-ear finishes, arched gates and arbor entryways, we know that fencing is more than just a functional element, it can actually make your home more welcoming, attractive, and polished.

Popular Fencing Materials

Your Needham, MA fence company since 1978, we are very familiar with what it takes to design, produce, and install a fence that lasts. Utilizing high-quality materials for your custom fence project, we ensure that all of the fences we craft are designed to withstand weathering long-term, regardless of the material you select.

aluminum and chain link fencing system

We provide wood fences, vinyl fences, aluminum fences, chain link fences, and cellular vinyl fences of all styles and designs. Of course, each fencing material has its own unique pros and cons.

Aesthetics, cost, durability, maintenance, use, and other factors can play a role in determining the right materials for your custom fencing project. For example, while chain link is the most affordable choice for fencing, it provides little in the way of privacy, so if that is your primary reason for installing a fence, a wood or vinyl fence would probably be a better choice for your needs.

custom fencing, gate, and arborIf you are looking for the ultimate in durability, cellular vinyl is our top-of-the-line offering, with complete customization ability and 100% manufactured in the USA at our custom fence production facility. Providing the aesthetic and versatility of wood without the worry of cracking, twisting, warping, or rotting, cellular vinyl is a long-term, maintenance-free option that works well for those looking for a striking and functional finish.

Our fencing contractors are happy to discuss the fence products, materials, and design options available for your property, and help you find a fencing solution that suits your home, needs, and budget.

Professional Fence Installation Company

As your Needham fence installation experts, we know the value of seeing a project through to the end. We handle your entire fence project in-house, working alongside you to ensure the design, material choice, and final installation exceeds your expectations.

cellular vinyl privacy fence

We know that the value of a fencing system is not only in the aesthetics, it is also in the durability and functionality. We want your fence to not only look attractive and cohesive with your home and property, we also want it to stay that way for a long time. Our expert fencing installation team uses only the best finishing products and processes to ensure longevity, from stainless screws to rust-free gate hinges.

We handle more than just standard fences. Whether you need a pool enclosure, custom pergola or patio covering, automatic gate system, even custom lamp posts, we are ready to tackle your project with speed, skill, and professionalism.

With over four decades of experience as your local fence company, we understand the regulations in our area regarding permitting, property lines, drainage, and other considerations that must be addressed prior to fence installation. We ensure everything has been taken into account when recommending the right fencing products for your needs and property.

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Your Needham fence company, Colonial Fence is passionate about providing high-quality, durable fence systems that fit your needs, property, and budget.

Our talented team of fencing experts make sure that the fence we design and install for your home, business, or property is finished for longevity and durability, as well as suited to the aesthetics of your structure, landscaping, and other exterior design elements.

Whether you want to add value or a polished look to your property, are more concerned with privacy and protection, or simply want to define your property boundaries, Colonial Fence is here to meet your fencing and gate system needs with superior materials and meticulous craftsmanship.

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