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West Newton Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing systems are one of the most popular fence types here in West Newton, MA and they’re the fastest-selling in the whole world! Whether you’re looking to enclose a commercial area, a yard, a playground, or a pool, chain link fences are effective, cost-efficient, and easily found.

Chain Link Fence Installation

If your main concern is that chain link fences have too much of an industrial look, then we’ve got great news for you! Chain link fences come in many styles to tastefully complement your property’s overall look. They are a practical choice for permanent fencing solutions for your home or business.

Longevity, strength, and low maintenance are the primary reasons why home and business owners go for chain link fences. Colonial Fence is committed to delivering great value for your money, and we do this by providing chain link fences that work well, look great, and last.

As a full-service fencing company here in West Newton, Colonial Fence is here to make sure that you get the best quality of chain link fence and fencing elements for the most reasonable price.

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Vinyl-Coated Chain Link

Coated chain link fence

Vinyl-coated chain link fences are an excellent way to safely keep children and pets in as well as keep unwanted elements out of your property. They are especially popular among homeowners who value safety, security, and peace of mind in their residences. Although the typical galvanized chain link fence can get the job done, their rugged and metallic finish may look a bit too industrial for some homeowners’ liking. This is where vinyl-coated chain link fences by Colonial Fence come in.

Here at Colonial Fence, we provide black vinyl-coated chain link fence that best matches, accents, or complements most homes and properties. Not only does the vinyl make your fence more visually appealing, they also make it sturdier, more rust-resistant, more corrosion-resistant, and more hardwearing.

As an established and accomplished local fence provider here in West Newton, Colonial Fence is ready to give your home the protection that it needs for the best price and the most superior quality.

Our Fence Installation Process

custom chain link fence around pool

Chain link fences are known to be easy to install and a lot of our clients carry out this part of the process themselves. And this is a great thing about chain link fences; if you’ve got the time, energy, and expertise to make it happen successfully. Chain link fence installation takes a lot of digging, layout, mixing, and assembling. These may not be tasks that you’d want to do yourself and handing them over to a professional may be the most practical way to go.

Colonial Fence is a full-service fencing company and we take care of the entire fencing process for our clients, including the fence installation. We don’t just take your order and send a fencing system to you, we give you the start-to-finish service that you deserve.

Our process begins with an on-site free initial consultation. You can come over to our showroom and we talk about your fencing needs, objectives, expectations, personal taste, and yes your budget too. When we get a good understanding of the fencing solutions that you need, we then give you a list of available chain link fence options that you can choose from. After you tell us the fence that you want, our team of fence fabricators then get to work.

While your fence gets built, we can also assist you with the fencing permits, requirements, and authorizations that you need. With our years in the West Newton fencing industry, we have the knowledge and the experience to help you out with your fence questions and concerns about local and state laws.

When your fence is good to go, our team of professional fence installers then head over to your place and submit the final fence installation plans for review, approval, and execution.

Here at Colonial Fence, we are committed to giving you the best fencing products and the best customer service for the best price.

Let’s Talk Now- Free Consultation

Fence CompanyColonial Fence is driven to giving West Newton homes and businesses the safety, security, and visual appeal they need and deserve. Our way of doing this is by providing you with high-quality products (sturdy, long-lasting, and low-maintenance chain link fences) and excellent customer service (start-to-finish support, honest feedback, and practical advice).

Whether you’ve already got a clear picture of your dream fence in mind or you still need help figuring out which fencing best suits your needs, Colonial Fence is here to guide you, assist you, and provide the best fencing solutions.

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