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Norwood Solid Cellular Vinyl Fence

If you want a high-value, low-maintenance fence built for your Norwood home, a custom cellular vinyl fence by Colonial Fence is an outstanding solution for many different applications.

traditional vinyl privacy screens

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for everyone’s fencing needs because each fence type comes with its own set of benefits. Your goal isn’t to find the most popular, most expensive, or most ornamental fence type; your goal is to find one that best suits your needs, your personal taste, and your budget. For Norwood home and business owners who are looking for charm, durability, versatility, economy, earth-friendliness, and low maintenance all in one fence, cellular vinyl fences by Colonial Fence may be what you need.

Cellular vinyl, in simple terms, is a fencing material created to be a low-maintenance, rot-resistant alternative to wood. It’s like a pressed polyvinyl chloride (PVC) board that has the appeal and versatility of wood but the durability of vinyl.

custom cellular vinyl picket fenceHere at Colonial Fence, we produce our cellular vinyl fences in-house to make sure that they exceed every client’s expectations. You can fabricate with cellular vinyl planks in the same manner you would with wood fences, but you won’t have to worry about heat, moisture, rot, sun exposure, and termite damage. With cellular vinyl, not only will you get great-looking fences, you’re also sure to enjoy them for a long time.

Colonial Fence has been a wood fence specialist since the 1970s and over the years, we’ve used the knowledge, experience, and technology we have in achieving superior fencing products, excellent service, and complete customer satisfaction. Cellular vinyl fences are among the innovations that have highlighted our growth and expansion in the fencing industry.

We want to give you the fence of your dreams right at the time you need it and at a price you’d be happy with. So if you’re looking for a fence that’s a tasteful mix of practicality, charm, and versatility, then cellular vinyl fences by Colonial Fence are the perfect choice.

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Classic Wood Appeal Minus The Hassle

A wooden fence is one of the most popular fencing options here in the US—and for good reason too! Practically everybody loves the traditional appeal, homey charm, and rustic feel that comes with skillfully constructed and properly maintained wood fences.

cellular vinyl privacy fence and gates

Unfortunately, wood fences are also well-known for being high-maintenance, which makes them more expensive in the long run even though they’re cheaper up-front.

If you’re looking for the look and feel of wood fences but just can’t commit to giving the time, effort, and resources it requires for maintenance, you can go with cellular vinyl fences instead! Resistant to damage by the humidity, weather fluctuations, sun, wear, rot, and bugs, cellular vinyl by Colonial Fence is a convenient and cost-effective way to give your property the safety, security, visual appeal, and privacy that it deserves.

All you need to do is wash it with soap and warm water as needed to keep it clean and looking like new. Here are even more advantages of cellular vinyl fences:

  • Resistant to stains and mildew
  • Does not peel, crack, or warp
  • Can be cut, routed, bent, and shaped the way wood fences are
  • Can be installed using woodworking tools

Colonial Fence is committed to giving you the fence that you want, and one of the ways we do this is by giving cellular vinyl fences our very own detailed wood grain finish to give your fencing system that sought-after wood feel. Whether you want to keep your kids safely in your property, keep unwanted company out of it, or simply mark the boundaries of your land, cellular vinyl fences by Colonial Fence can do the job and can keep doing it for years to come.

Budget-Friendly And Eco-Friendly Fencing

Cellular vinyl fences are quite popular for their low maintenance, visual appeal, and versatility, but that’s not all they can give Norwood, MA residents. The ones we produce in-house here at Colonial Fence are proudly economical and ecologically sound fencing solutions.

custom cellular vinyl picket fenceWe have invested time, effort, and resources in making sure that our products and services not only positively impact our clients, but also our communities and our environment. We fabricate our own cellular PVC with eco-friendly materials and processes in mind, and they are 100% recyclable. Our cellular vinyl products are also 100% vinyl that’s tough, long-lasting, and will make the dollars you invest in them go a long way.

Colonial Fence is dedicated to giving Norwood properties the fencing system that they deserve. With our cellular vinyl fences, you can be confident that they can stand against time and harsh weather. We’ll even give you a lifetime warranty for that! If you’re looking for an innovative, practical solution that can help your property, your budget, and our environment, cellular vinyl fences by Colonial Fence are what you need.

Full-Service Vinyl Fence Company

Colonial Fence has been in the Norwood fencing business for almost 50 years now and we’ve become one of the leading cellular vinyl fence fabricators and installers. Over the years, we’ve learned that in order for us to gain the trust of our clientele, we needed to deliver excellent products and excellent service.

custom vinyl post and rail fence

To give you the level of product and service quality that you deserve, it’s key that our team works closely with yours; and in order to make this happen, we’ve designed our fence-making process to include a lot of communication and close coordination. We even start off with a one-on-one consultation with one of our fence experts completely free of charge. We can either have this in our showroom or at your property.

We use this initial consultation to get to know more about who you are, what you need, what you expect to get, what your personal taste is in fences, how long you intend to keep the fence standing, and how much you’re willing to shell out for it. Using the information that we gather, we can then give you a list of cellular vinyl fencing solutions that would best suit your needs.

custom vinyl picket fenceAfter you’ve made your choice on the design, color, style, accessories, etc., we then hand over the project to our skilled fence fabricators who custom-craft your fence to life. While our fabricators do their thing, we also assist you as much as we can with permits, requirements, state and local fencing guidelines, and authorizations. Colonial Fence has been a trusted local fencing provider for many years so our experience and knowledge in this aspect would be of great use to you.

Once your fence is ready to install, our team of expert fence installers then go to your property. They present the final details of your cellular vinyl fencing system for your review and approval. When everything is good to go, they do a quick, careful, and thorough fence installation.

Colonial Fence is passionate about providing the best cellular vinyl products and the best fencing services here in the Norwood area, and we want you to experience the level of quality and professionalism that we are capable of giving. We look forward to being your local fencing solutions provider for all your fencing needs!

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It’s amazing what a specially fabricated, quality-crafted, and professionally installed cellular vinyl fence can do for your property. From added security, increased curb appeal, customized aesthetics, (not to mention a 15-year warranty!) a cellular vinyl fence by Colonial Fence is without a doubt one smart, practical choice for any Norwood home and business-owner.

Whether you want a new fence for your garden, pool, front yard, back yard, business, playground, or as a gate, cellular vinyl fences specially fabricated by Colonial Fence are the perfect choice for versatility, durability, aesthetics, and overall great value for your money.

From the initial consultation all the way to maintenance and repair, Colonial Fence is committed to giving every client the best fencing solutions and the best customer service possible. We’re excited to deliver the same for you!

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